South Zone Weekend Islamic School

Terms & Conditions

  1. I shall be responsible for the behavior of my child while on the premises of ISGH and I understand that if my child shows disrespect to the teacher or damage to the school property or does not co-operate with the management of the school, the administration has the right to suspend / dismiss my child.
  2. I shall not hold ISGH, its officers, and administration against any liabilities and/or claims from accident on ISGH premises.
  3. I give permission to the faculty and administration to act to their best judgment in case of medical emergency. I shall be notified as soon as possible in cases of illness, accidents, and or any emergencies; and that I shall be responsible for the cost of any treatment deemed necessary.
  4. I shall pay the tuition fee in full on the first week of every semester; in case of non-payment the administration has the authority not allow my child to attend the school.
  5. I will make sure that my child attends the Zuhr prayer with Jamaat.
  6. I understand that if full tuition was paid at time of admission then there will be No Refunds.
  7. All Students should pay full for their Hot Lunches at the time of admission.
  8. In case of any medical emergency the school employees or legal representatives have my permission to obtain emergency medical care for my child while under the school’s care including transporting or sending my child to an available hospital or physician.