South Zone Weekend Islamic School

Muslim Youth Empowerment Program (MYEP)

Mission Statement
Aim to help Muslim youth establish their identity as American Muslims through an activity-based learning environment and to develop their leadership skills by engaging them in projects that focus on practicing Islam in daily life.

History of Islam
  • The Four Rightly Guided Khalifah
  • Islamic Golden Age
  • Islamic Medicine
  • Muslim Inventors

Aqeeda (Belief of Muslims)
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • The six pillars of Iman

Ibadah (Worship in Islam)
  • The blessed days of Zel-Hujah
  • Mothers of believers
  • The etiquette and rules of the Masjid
  • Ramadan
  • Hadith: reflection on Hadith Sahih

The Prophets and His Companions (Sahabah)
  • Sahabah biographies
  • Mothers of believers

Islam and Science
  • Miracles in Quran

Quranic Studies
  • Al- Fatiha
  • Ayat-Alkursi
  • Surat Alkahef (Projects: the four stories of Al-Kahef)
  • Surat Al-Qalam (Video: people of the garden's story)
  • Prophet Issa (PBUH)
  • Prophet Mussa (PBUH)
  • Prophet Yussuf (PBUH)

  • Planting day
  • Mother-Daughter breakfast (guest speaker/scholar)
  • Father-Daughter breakfast (guest speaker/scholar)
  • Field trip to charity centers (Helping Hands)
  • Career day

Civics sessions
  • Instructor: Br. Qisar Imam (one session every month)